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Outstanding Researcher, Scholar, Performer, or Artist 2019


SDSU College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Professor MacBride led the team that designed the Brookings Passive House, showcasing principles of passive house design, maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability. The house has spurred collaborative research efforts across the university and brought national attention to SDSU. His work addresses a vital need for the Brookings community and the state of South Dakota, advancing the Department of Architecture’s mission to combine research with locally-relevant practice.


Brookings Mayor’s Sustainability Award 2018


The Brookings Mayor’s Sustainability Award: Sustainability Leadership / Innovative Best Practices was presented for PH01:BRK, recognizing excellence in sustainable practices while promoting a culture of resiliency.


Faculty Award of Excellence SDSU Department of Architecture 2017

AIA Merit Award, South Dakota chapter Wrigley Square, Mobridge 2016

AIA SD chapter merit award presented to DoArch Public Works for the design and installation of Wrigley Square. Completed with Brian Rex, DoArch faculty and students, and taught across a range of studio and design build classes.  


AIA Merit Award, South Dakota chapter Mobridge Riverfront Masterplan, 2013

Concept masterplan, including full urban, programmatic, and infrastructural analysis, and proposals combining "smart growth" and "big ideas.” AIA SD Jury comments: "The number of unexecuted and unrealized urban master plans could be stacked from the floor to ceiling of this space, mostly because they tend to be proscriptive rather than visionary. The Mobridge Plan avoids this. Instead it lays out eight grand projects that can be undertaken individually, over time, [and] the success of the master plan does not rely on every piece of the puzzle being put into place." 


Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Colorado Denver, non-tenure track 2008


Orange Driver 2 Workshop

Co-designed and Led with Donald Kunze, Professor of Architecture and Integrative Arts, Emeritus, Penn State University. A student installation for projecting and manipulating images, following the theories of the “sagittal plane” and its narrative/filmic presence.


PH01:BRK Sioux Falls Design Center

Exhibition of the student designed PH01:BRK passive house. Installation included presentation boards, construction photos, and full size wall assembly mockups. Organized with Robert Arlt.


Outfitting: DoArch entry screen

Design, fabrication and installation of an interlocking geometry of bent acrylic pieces creating a screen at the DoArch entry. Directed student work.


Public Works: Small Urbanism in Vast Places DoArch / AME Gallery

Speculation on the future of small cities in the northern plains, through mapping, architectural documentation, and built examples.

Re:Seed House SDSU Ritz Gallery

Proposals for a New SDSU Visual Arts Facility. Directed charette, faculty, and student work.

Threshold temporary outdoor alterations

A one-day installation and charette of temporary thresholds and impediments, using modular wood sandboxes. 

Drawings: Work by Architecture Faculty UCD Gallery

Designer, curator and exhibitor of faculty work at the University of Colorado at Denver.